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Niles Technology INC is based in Florida with a 160.000 sqft manufacturing site based in the Free Trade Zone in Istanbul, engaged in production and sales of 3-D and 2-D Thermoformable Decorative Polymer Films. (Also referred to as Thermofoils, 3D Laminates and RTF)

With over 25 years of experience in the Thermofoil industry, and currently selling Glofoil to over 30 countries worldwide, Niles Technology is managed under the principles of TQM and ISO 9001 with a broad range of high-quality product range. We are a respected institution and a regional leader in the European market with our modern production facility and experienced team.

We are capable of supplying our international clients’ custom design requirements and our flexibility enhances strong relationship in those markets, creating growth opportunities with off the shelf designs as well. Our creativity clustering with the ability to understand market conditions avenue new foundations. Depending on market dynamics, in some countries we prefer to be present as our own company like in the USA and in others we prefer to have strong distributors representing us.

Our vision is “growth with high quality product, offering a wide selection of colors and designs with the utmost professional level of customer service and technical support”. To achieve this we invest all our experience to our R&D operations, to our people and to production facilities.

Our sole principle is always providing the best service to our customers, and we are an active player in the national and international arenas with our wide range of products, flexible structure and qualified team. We are always pioneering developments with new value added – high quality product introductions and continue to play for leadership as soon as we enter new markets.

Based on our constant search for improvement and R&D investments today we carry more than 300 SKU’s and many more tailor made special design films for exclusive projects in our modern production facilities located in the Free Zone area in Istanbul. We have the capability to supply our customers several types of surface emboss options with finished product thickness from 200microns to 1000 microns with width of 1450mm.

Our mission is to grow, improve and innovate everyday to be better than today with our team and our valuable customers.
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